Sunday, December 31, 2006

Updates for mdb, dtrace and diskio pages

I just sent a pile of updates to Princeton. They will probably be added to the site on the 2nd.

The index page has been re-written to include pointers to some of the major sources used for the material on the site.

An Intermittent Problems page has been added to describe how to deal with intermittent problems.

The mdb, dtrace and Disk I/O pages have been rewritten and expanded. The adb and mdb pages were merged to reflect the fact that Solaris 7 is really a dead OS at this point in time. The Disk I/O page was updated to reflect current Solaris 10 information from Solaris Internals and Solaris Performance and Tools by McDougall, Mauro and Gregg, and especially to include pointers to the really cool tools on the DTrace Toolkit page.

The kstat page has been updated to provide some additional information, and the netstat page has been changed to reflect the death of netstat -k.

The next major effort for the site will be an expansion of the zones page. (The current page is really not much more than a placeholder to avoid dead links on the other pages that refer to zones.)

I am also working on a root cause analysis page. I am finding that this page is involving a lot of reading of business publications; the business community seems to be way ahead of us on thinking about this issue.


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