Sunday, March 11, 2007

Resource Management article

The April SysAdmin Magazine carries an article based on the Resource Management page.


Brent said...


You have made a great resource for Solaris troubleshooting. Thanks for all the time it must have taken you.

May I suggest you add prstat to your list of tools ?

Adrian has a good article on it at

Thanks again,
Brent Rohloff

P.S. Since both Adrian and Brian drive a Lotus, shouldn't Princeton expense you one ?

ScottCromar said...

Thanks, that's a great link.

I am actually in the process of putting together a page on /proc and the p-commands (including prstat). Depending on time availability, I should have it posted by the end for the month.

prstat is a wonderful tool, especially with the ability to examine information on a per-thread basis or look at the microstate accounting information. (prstat -L and prstat -mL)

I frequently use the prstat -s rss command to look for memory hogs.