Sunday, August 19, 2007

Book Project

I am compiling the information from the web site into a book. If you would like to be a technical reviewer for the book, please let me know, and I will send you a copy of the current draft. People who provide me with comments will be thanked on the acknowledgment page; I'm afraid I'm not in a position to offer anything more than that.

You can contact me through the email address listed for this blog, or by adding a comment to this blog posting. The folks at Princeton are not involved in this project, so please don't direct any inquiries there.



Shikha said...

I am working in the Solaris environment for some years now and have not found any good compilation of the things that administrator's require. I think writing a book on this a great decision. I willl be happy to contribute in any manner that I can.

ScottCromar said...

Feel free to contact me at the email address on the blog. I can use all the help I can get!


spacecraft said...

I am great to review your book. Please include me in your draft.

spacecraft said...

apologies .. typos.. I mean "I am glad to review your book"..

Wayne said...

Scott, I am happy to review your book. Please sent me your draft.

Felipe said...

I'm also interested :)

Lexine said...

Well said.

Deepak said...

Hi There,

I do write a lot about Solaris/Kernel & other Unix like systems e.g Linux. To check my credibility, you can always see my blog

I have a new born but still think, I would like to see/review what you have. This is my passion.

See I am qualified.

Solarix said...

Dear Scott,

i work as a Sysadmin in Solaris Environments.

i love your blog and would be very exited to review your book. Especially in my Christmas Holiday i have a lot of time to do this.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested.

girish said...

I would not say that I am a Solaris Expert but am in the process of learning. Can I get a copy of the book. My email address is

Jet said...

can i get a copy of your book.
I am a system administrator since 2001. and i work on many hight-end server, and whith many solaris version 2.6 , 8, 9 and 10.

and good job.

suresh_gvsb said...

Hi I am very glad to hear this. Please send me copy also.


Raghav said...

Please send me a copy , it will be great to contribute to your project .