Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sun Cluster, HAStoragePlus and VxFS fsck

It turns out that when you have a decent number of VxFS file systems, there is a particularly nasty bug that can jump out and bite you in the *.

It turns out that Sun Cluster wants the vfstab entries for these file systems to be listed as being in the first fsck pass. This particular bug is Bug ID 6572900. Note that the bug description says that this fix does not work for all sites. Fortunately, the workaround seems to be working here.

This bug report is a good example of what I hate to see in bug reports from vendors (not just Sun). The status on the bug is reported as "fix delivered" (presumably the above workaround, since I don't see any patches), but the bug report notes that the workaround doesn't work for all sites. If customers are still having the problem, I don't see how we can claim that a fix has been delivered.


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