Monday, June 17, 2013

PROM Environment Variables

PROM Environment variables can be set at either the root user prompt or the ok> prompt.

Most (but not all) PROM environment variables can be set with the /usr/sbin/eeprom command. When invoked by itself, it prints out the current environment variables. To use eeprom to set a variable, use the syntax:
/usr/sbin/eeprom variable_name=value

All PROM environment variables can be set at the ok> prompt. the printenv command prints out the current settings. The syntax for setting a variable is:
setenv variable_name value

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Karl C. Behler said...

Be aware that the eeprom command addresses some very slow and very special internal hardware. Thus the eeprom command may cause a very long system response interruption (up to many m secs). Which might not be perceptible to a human but could well disturb the real time constraints of a real-time task.