Monday, February 24, 2014

Upcoming Classes

I look forward to seeing some of you at an upcoming class.

My class, "Technology Manager's Survival Guide" is on the Friday afternoon training schedule at LOPSA-East on May 2 in New Brunswick, NJ.

And I'll be presenting a two-part class, "Leader's Survival Guide," in Jacksonville, FL on July 16 and 23.

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Chip Bennett said...

On the DTrace page of your Solaris Troubleshooting web site ( in the additional resources section at the end, there is a reference to the series of articles I wrote for SysAdmin Magazine (Bennett, Chip. Learning DTrace-Parts 1-5)

Neither link work anymore, but I've found a location in Canada that has the SysAdmin Mag archives online. Since you already show the date of the articles, I'd use the link to the archive, and the user can select the month-year of the issue they wish to inspect: