Thursday, April 25, 2013

Changing a hostname

The following steps are required to change a Sun system's hostname.
  • /etc/hosts.allow (to correct access permissions)
  • /etc/dfs/dfstab on this system's NFS servers (to allow proper mount access)
  • /etc/vfstab on this system's NFS clients (so they will point at the correct server)
  • kerberos configurations
  • ethers and hosts NIS maps
  • DNS information
  • Netgroup information
  • cron jobs should be reviewed.
  • Other hostname-specific scripts and configuration files.

Additional steps may be required in order to correct issues involving other systems.

Having said all that, the minumum number of changes required are:

  • /etc/nodename
  • /etc/inet/hosts (aka /etc/inet/ipnodes)
  • /etc/hostname.*
  • /etc/net/*/hosts (These are dynamically set at boot time in current Solaris 10 versions.)

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