Monday, April 08, 2013

Solaris System Configuration Files

For details about the files and commands summarized here, consult the appropriate man pages or Solaris Documentation
/etc/bootparams Contains information regarding network boot clients.
Allow access to crontab for users listed in this file. If the file does not exist, access is permitted for users not in the /etc/cron.d/cron.deny file.
/etc/defaultdomain NIS domain set by /etc/init.d/inetinit
/etc/default/cron Sets cron logging with the CRONLOG variable.
/etc/default/login Controls root logins via specification of the CONSOLE variable, as well as variables for login logging thresholds and password requirements.
/etc/default/su Determines logging activity for su attempts via the SULOG and SYSLOG variables, sets some initial environment variables for su sessions.
/etc/dfs/dfstab Determines which directories will be NFS-shared at boot time. Each line is a share command.
/etc/dfs/sharetab Contains a table of resources that have been shared via share.
/etc/group Provides groupname translation information.
/etc/hostname.interface Assigns a hostname to interface; assigns an IP address by cross- referencing /etc/inet/hosts.
Determine which hosts will be allowed access to TCP wrapper mediated services.
/etc/hosts.equiv Determines which set of hosts will not need to provide passwords when using the "r" remote access commands (eg rlogin, rsh, rexec)
Associates hostnames and IP addresses.
Identifies the services that are started by inetd as well as the manner in which they are started. inetd.conf may even specify that TCP wrappers be used to protect a service.
/etc/inittab inittab is used by init to determine scripts to for different run levels as well as a default run level.
/etc/logindevperm Contains information to change permissions for devices upon console logins.
/etc/magic Database of magic numbers that identify file types for file.
Contains mail aliases recognized by sendmail.
Mail configuration file for sendmail.
/etc/minor_perm Specifies permissions for device files; used by drvconfig
/etc/mnttab Contains information about currently mounted resources.
/etc/name_to_major List of currently configured major device numbers; used by drvconfig.
/etc/netconfig Network configuration database read during network initialization.
/etc/netgroup Defines groups of hosts and/or users.
/etc/netmasks Determines default netmask settings.
/etc/nsswitch.conf Determines order in which different information sources are accessed when performing lookups.
/etc/path_to_inst Contents of physical device tree using physical device names and instance numbers.
/etc/protocols Known protocols.
/etc/remote Attributes for tip sessions.
/etc/rmtab Currently mounted filesystems.
/etc/rpc Available RPC programs.
/etc/services Well-known networking services and associated port numbers.
/etc/syslog.conf Configures syslogd logging.
/etc/system Can be used to force kernel module loading or set kernel tuneable parameters.
/etc/vfstab Information for mounting local and remote filesystems.
/var/adm/messages Main log file used by syslogd.
/var/adm/sulog Default log for recording use of su command.
/var/adm/utmpx User and accounting information.
/var/adm/wtmpx User login and accounting information.
wu-ftpd configuration files to set ftp access rights, conversion/compression types, and a list of userids to exclude from ftp operations.
/var/lp/log Print services activity log.
/var/sadm/install/contents Database of installed software packages.
/var/saf/_log Logs activity of SAF (Service Access Facility).

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